Bicycles for Humanity
Western Australia (B4HWA)

B4HWA is part of an exciting global volunteer-run, non-profit organisation that uses donated bikes to help alleviate poverty through sustainable transport.

Every year around 1.5 million bikes are sold across Australia – about around half of these will end up unused or abandoned.

We put this huge resource to work in some of the world’s poorest regions.

Donate through GiveNow using a credit card via the button link below:

Please support David Tucker and the Ebikers team who are riding e-bikes from Fremantle to Kalgoorlie to raise funds for B4H WA. see Details at

Donate at

GiveNow - Make a donation

Or donate via Rotary Australia World Community Service by credit card, direct credit or cheque via the ‘Rotary’ button/link and follow the instructions on the Rotary Australia World Community Service web page.

You can help save the planet and contribute to B4H WA work by depositing your eligible bottles and cans at your nearest Containers for Change depot and donating the 10cents per container to Bicycles for Humanity.

For details of how and where, visit:
Quote: B4H WA Scheme ID: C10492010

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